What is CBD?

CBD, shorthand for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the leaves, flowers, and stem of hemp and cannabis plants. When extracted and refined, CBD can be suspended in liquid tinctures, blended into creams and lotions, or prepared as solid crumbles or liquids intended to be ingested by smoking or vaping. “It’s not a psychoactive compound,” Ian Kelley stresses. “It won’t get you high. The primary uses for CBD are for health and wellness, not recreation.”

How Does it Work?

CBD is mild. You will not feel intoxicated or even euphoric. You will probably still feel what bothers you, but it will be much more manageable. Often these problems are signals from our bodies. To completely block out this signal is to lose communication with your body. CBD is non-addictive. Many are dissatisfied with harsh addictive pills that present the possibility of moving onto more dangerous and lethal drugs. CBD is non-toxic. There has been only one study that showed toxicity with CBD. But the dose given was much more than any human can or would consume (1/4 of body weight). CBD will serve as a natural alternative to over-the-counter pills that are harmful to the organs in our bodies.

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CBD for wellness

Because CBD is a plant-based, accessible, non-additive, and non-toxic alternative, it is very much about taking wellness back into your own hands. Along with a healthy diet and plenty of movement, CBD can help you achieve balance in your life. Topicals like CBD salve will become the preferred method for addressing discomfort. CBD gummies taken every day will naturally bring our bodies and minds into homeostasis. Ready to tackle what is bothering you?

How should I take CBD?

You eat them like any other gummy worm. It’s that simple. Just be aware that it might take a bit longer than the CBD oil, as it is an edible and has to go through your digestive tract first before being absorbed.