Discuss the Growing Concerns Over Credibility of Online Medical Resources.

Discuss the Growing Concerns Over Credibility of Online Medical Resources.

Discuss the Growing Concerns Over Credibility of Online Medical Resources. Brainly

Credibility of online medical resources is one of the most important issues in online medicine. Traditional sources, such as journals and books, provide little guidance for when to turn to the internet for practical advice. Medical information is more readily available now than at any point in the past. This document outlines the key issues surrounding the credibility of online medical websites that are relevant for many users, especially clinicians and healthcare professionals.


Online Medical Resources Discussion & Preliminary Discussion Document

The online credibility of medical resources is crucial in the 21st century. It’s important that patients are able to access relevant and accurate information from credible sources without having to search through piles of research papers. The goal of  our website is to provide patients with a user-friendly interface, as well as other benefits.

This document provides information about credibility of online-medical resources. It aims to help healthcare providers and patients make informed decisions on the use of such websites. A review of various guidelines and studies suggested that while many websites were potentially helpful, there was still a need for further research into the validity and reliability of information obtained from them. All websites with medical information should be considered credible.


Q. How you will compare and contrast emergency procedures and elective procedures.

Emergency procedures are regarded as essential in a safe and effective system of care. Elective procedures are performed only after careful consideration of patient and family preferences, availability of expertise and facilities, cost effectiveness, patient outcomes, acceptable risks and other relevant factors.

Elective procedures are generally used to maintain and improve the health of a participants without an urgent medical situation. Emergency procedures, on the other hand, are always needed when there is a medical problem that can’t wait.


Q. Most fast-food advertisements focus on the high levels of salt and fat contained in the food.

  • False
  • True


Q. Misleading advertising messages regarding fast food are often given by __________.

A. Politicians
B. Doctors
C. Athletes
D. Dentists


Q. Which of the following are not common buzz words found on the labels of health products?

A. No Side Effects!
B. Miracle Cure!
C. No Natural Ingredients!
D. Studies Underway!


Q. Identify three of the key messages used by advertisers when promoting their products. or What are three key messages used by advertisers when promoting products?

Three key messages often used are:

1. Everyone is doing it

2. It’s fun to use our products

3. You will be successful if you use our products


Q. What is a good way to establish the credibility of online sources?

A. Checking the site for links to other credible sources
B. Assess the presentation of the material for professionalism
C. Determine if the site presents good, unbiased coverage of the topics
D. All of the above


Q. Which statement describes a key effect of technology?

A. Technology creates more sources of information.
B. Technology creates fewer sources of information.
C. Technology makes it easy to determine which sources are credible.
D. Technology keeps information concealed from the public.


Q. When choosing a healthcare provider, who is responsible for making sure insurance covers the care?

A. You
B. Doctors
C. Insurance companies
D. Nurses


Q. How will you verify the credibility of online health care professionals?

Verify the credibility of online health care professionals by conducting a background check. This should include researching the person for any criminal records or complaints about their services, as well as finding out if they are licensed to practice in your state.

In order to verify the credibility of online health care professionals, you should consider factors such as whether they have experience working with similar conditions, their expertise and qualifications, if they have the professional certifications or credentials required by your state, and their reputation within the field.

To guarantee the credibility of online health care professionals, you will make sure they are registered with their state and/or nationally recognized educational organizations.


Q. What information do you need to share with your doctor to avoid a possible bad reaction to medication ?

A doctor needs to know whether any other medications are being taken by the patient or if the patient is planning on taking any other medications in the near future. The doctor also needs to know whether the the patient has experienced any allergies to previous medications or even to types of food.
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