How to Properly Apply and Store Your CBD Topicals

Dominique Fontaine

Have you heard about CBD topicals? They’re creams, lotions, and balms made from CBD, a compound found in cannabis. These topicals can help with things like pain, inflammation, and skin conditions. Pretty cool, right?

But there’s more. This article will guide you on how to apply and store these CBD topicals the right way. So, not only will you use them safely, but you’ll also get the most benefit. Stick around to learn these handy tips!

All About CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are lotions, creams, or balms that contain CBD, a compound from the cannabis plant. What’s great about them is they can help soothe pain, reduce inflammation, and improve skin issues. That’s why many people love them!

There are many types of CBD topicals. The common ones include lotions for general skincare and creams for targeted relief, like muscle aches. Balms are thicker, great for dry skin or stubborn aches.

How do they work? 

CBD interacts with your body in a unique way. It engages with a system in our bodies called the endocannabinoid system. This system helps regulate things like pain and inflammation. When you apply a CBD topical, it doesn’t reach your whole body. Instead, it works on a specific area. That’s why when you put CBD cream on a sore knee, it focuses on easing that pain.

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When and Why to Use CBD Topicals

So, when and why do people use CBD topicals? Well, these products come in handy for many reasons.

Some folks use them for skin problems. CBD can help with dry skin, itching, or even acne. It’s because CBD is soothing, which can help calm skin issues. So, if you’re having a bad skin day, a CBD lotion could be your friend.

Other people use CBD topicals for pain relief. Have a sore knee from running? A stiff neck from too much computer work? Rubbing in a CBD balm or cream can help. It’s because CBD is also good at fighting inflammation, which often causes pain.

What’s important is timing. CBD topicals work best when applied regularly. If you’re using it for pain, it’s good to apply it when you start feeling sore. For skin issues, using it as part of your daily skincare routine can help.

How to Apply CBD Topicals Properly

Using CBD topicals is simple, but there’s a right way to do it to get the most out of your product. Here are step-by-step instructions.

Cleanse and Dry the Affected Area

First things first: clean the area where you’ll apply the topical. Use a gentle cleanser and warm water, then pat dry with a clean towel. This helps to remove any dirt or oils that could block the CBD from absorbing into your skin.

Apply the CBD Topical

Next, take a small amount of your CBD topical. You don’t need a lot – a little can go a long way. Start small, you can always add more if needed.

Massage into Skin

Apply the CBD product gently to your skin, massaging in circular motions. This helps the CBD soak into your skin. Plus, the massage can help soothe any sore muscles or joints.

Repeat as Needed

You might not get relief right away, and that’s okay. It’s safe to reapply CBD topicals as needed. Just remember to always clean the area before applying more.

Follow the Product’s Instructions

Every CBD topical is a bit different. Some are made for sensitive skin, while others are extra-strength for tough pains. That’s why it’s crucial to read the instructions on your product’s packaging and follow them.

Different Topicals, Different Considerations

Also, keep in mind that different types of topicals might need to be used differently. For instance, CBD lotions and creams are usually light and absorb quickly, perfect for covering larger areas of skin or for daily skincare. Apply a thin layer and let it soak in – no need to massage it in too much.

But CBD balms and salves are usually thicker and take more time to absorb. They’re perfect for small, targeted areas that need extra help. Rub them in well to make sure they get to work on the right spot.

Remember, CBD oils can be applied directly to the skin or mixed in with your regular skincare products. But they’re concentrated, so use them sparingly.

Maximizing the Benefits of CBD Topicals

Getting the most from your CBD topicals is all about consistency, patience, and a little bit of trial and error. Here’s how to maximize their benefits:

Stay Consistent

To get the most out of CBD topicals, apply them regularly. This doesn’t mean slathering them on every hour. But using them consistently, like every day or every other day, can help your body get used to the CBD and react better to it.

Give It Time

Don’t expect to feel a big change right away. Sometimes, CBD takes a while to work, especially if you’re using it for something like chronic pain or long-term skin issues. Some people feel better after a few days, others after a few weeks. Everyone’s different.

Monitor and Adjust

Keep an eye on how you’re feeling. If you’re not getting the results you want after a few weeks, you might need to use more CBD, apply it more often, or try a different kind of topical. And always, if something doesn’t feel right, stop using it and ask a healthcare professional for advice.

Be Patient and Realistic

CBD topicals can do a lot, but they can’t do everything. They might not cure severe conditions, but they can help manage symptoms and improve your quality of life. So be patient with your body and have realistic expectations about what CBD can do for you.

Combine with Other Treatments

Finally, don’t forget that CBD topicals can be part of a bigger treatment plan. For example, if you’re using CBD for muscle pain, it can be a great addition to physical therapy or regular exercise. If you’re using it for skin issues, it can complement other skincare products.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Applying CBD Topicals

CBD topicals can be a game changer when used correctly, but mistakes can happen. Let’s look at some common ones and how to avoid them.

1. Not Cleaning the Area

One big mistake is not cleaning the area before applying the CBD topical. Dirty skin can stop the CBD from sinking in and doing its job. Always wash and dry the skin before applying your topical.

2. Using Too Much

Another common error is using too much product. You might think that using a lot of CBD will give better results, but that’s not always true. Start with a small amount and add more if needed. This way, you’re not wasting your topical and your skin can absorb the CBD better.

3. Not Massaging the Product In

Sometimes people just dab on the topical and leave it at that. But massaging the product into your skin can help it absorb better and faster. So, take a minute to rub that CBD in!

4. Ignoring the Instructions

Each CBD topical is different, so always read the instructions. They’ll tell you how much to use, how often, and any other important details. Not following the instructions can lead to ineffective use of the product.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Remember, CBD topicals aren’t magic. They can help with a lot of things, but they won’t cure severe conditions overnight. Be patient and give the product time to work.

6. Not Seeking Medical Advice

If you’re using CBD for a serious condition, don’t do it alone. Always seek medical advice. A healthcare professional can guide you on how to use CBD alongside other treatments.

How to Store CBD Topicals Correctly

Keeping your CBD topicals fresh and effective is all about how you store them. Here’s how to do it right:

Why Storage Matters

Storing your CBD topicals correctly helps maintain their potency. This means they’ll work better and last longer.

Temperature and Light

CBD doesn’t like heat or light. Too much can make it less effective. So, keep your topicals away from direct sunlight and hot spots, like near the stove or heater.

Cool, Dark Places are Best

The ideal place to store your CBD topicals is somewhere cool and dark. Think a cupboard or drawer in a room that doesn’t get too warm. This helps keep the CBD strong and effective.

Avoid Humid Areas

Moisture can also affect CBD. So, despite what you might think, the bathroom isn’t a great place to keep your topicals. Instead, go for somewhere dry.

Keep Away from Kids and Pets

And finally, always keep your CBD topicals out of reach of children and pets. While CBD is generally safe, it’s best to keep these products away from curious little hands and paws.


To wrap up, using and storing CBD topicals the right way can help you get the most from them. Remember, clean and dry your skin, apply gently, and be patient. For storing, keep them cool, dry, and out of the light. These simple steps can make a big difference. So, why not give it a try? Your CBD topicals could work even better, and you might feel even better, too. Go ahead and make the most of your CBD journey!